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We’re just regular people, and for years we’ve been doing what everyone else does right after sex -- groping around for something to mop up with, trying not to spill, bickering about what should be used.  Then one day he said “You know, we should have a dedicated towel that we keep around by the bed so we don’t have to keep using my t-shirts.”

Wow.  Of course!   How simple.

Well except when we started looking for the appropriate kind of thing, nothing was quite right.  Washcloths too small, hand towels too big, and the texture wasn’t quite right.  They were made to absorb water, and we were looking to clean up… well, you know what we wanted to clean up.

So we decided to make this a product.  And of course it had to be called The Love Mop.

The Love Mop

We are engineers and so we took an engineering approach to creating The Love Mop. We tried, tested and evaluated over 20+ different styles and combinations of yarns, sizes, finishes, borders.  We obsessed over every minute detail of the product, determined to bring you the very best in quality and design.

DSC08507 shadow lighter.jpg

Do you need The Love Mop?  Well technically not, no.  Same way as you don’t need toilet paper, power steering, smartphones.  You can survive without them all.  Let’s be honest, all you really need is water, food, shelter and internet.  Everything else is extra, the cherry on top, something to make life nicer, more fun, more pleasant.  More enjoyable.


That’s what The Love Mop will do for you -- it will let you enjoy sex a little more, let you enjoy your partner a little more, give you another way to connect in a pleasant and fun way.  It's cute, it's friendly, it's soft, and it soaks up you-know-what like nobody’s business.  Just trust us on this -- it’s like magic, you’ll be wondering “where did it all go?”  That’s the secret of the friendly Love Bucket.

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